Once you set up your Melio.me account and create your own melio.me page, you're ready to send your first payment request. 

But what do your customers see when they pay you through Melio.me?
Good question, let's take a look.

What paying with Melio.me looks like

The payment request page
This is your melio.me payment request. It includes the amount you set, your invoice number, the bill's due date and any note you'd like to include.

Note: your general Melio.me link (non-payment request) looks the same as the payment request, just without an amount and invoice number already displayed. It's empty for them to enter their details. In either case, the following steps are identical.

Explanatory message (for first time visitors only)

The first time anyone click on your link, a pop-up appears to explain how Melio works and why they should use it to make free vendor payments quickly and easily. 

Customer logs in or continues as a guest

Picking a payment method

Bank account transfer (free) or use a credit card (2.9% tax-deductible fee for them)
All options are received by you completely free.
Once selected, they connect their preferred payment method.
If they're regular Melio users, they can log in to their account where their preferred payment method will already be available for selection. 

Scheduling the payment

Next, they'll select the date they'd like the payment to arrive.

Leaving a note

They can leave a note for you if they'd like.
The default placeholder text is the invoice number.

Reviewing the payment

Before completing payment they can take another look and make sure everything looks right.

That's it.

Sign up for Melio.me

Ready to enable your customers to pay you more more easily and quickly?
If you still haven't signed up for Melio.me, grab your custom URL and start sending out payment requests today at melio.me

And as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to support@meliopayments.com

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