What is Melio?

Melio is a (free), simple and secure digital accounts payable & receivable solution for small businesses in the US. Melio is helping small businesses get more control over their finances and improve cash-flow month after month.

With Melio you can pay most of your company’s bills for free using ACH bank transfers, or use a credit card for a minimal 2.9% tax-deductible fee.

Melio processes your payments and delivers them to your vendors, suppliers, and other business payment recipients on your behalf  via mailed paper checks, or bank deposits. 

With one simple-to-use online dashboard that takes just minutes to set up, Melio allows small businesses to transfer and receive payments in a faster, easier, and more cash-flow savvy way.

Request payments too with Melio.me

Melio.me is a free customized pay-page for receiving business payments digitally. Vendors use Melio.me to request payments from their customers.

Your customers can easily respond to payment requests and transfer funds using credit credits or bank transfers. They don’t need to sign up for anything and you receive payments directly to your bank account for free. 

You can even create and send trackable payment requests relating to specific invoices and monitor if they have been opened, scheduled, or paid.

Signing up for Melio and Melio.me is free and only takes a few minutes. Get started today.

Have any questions? Let us know at support@meliopayments.com.

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