Yes, enabling businesses to easily schedule payments in advance is one of the ways Melio helps small businesses better manage their cash flow and stay focused on their business.

It's simple. Just add a bill and continue to payment. Then just schedule it to arrive on whatever future date works best for you and your business's cash-flow. You can see when it's estimated to arrive based on when you decided to have it deducted. 

Pro tip: add and schedule all your upcoming bills once (or twice) a month to batch and simplify your bill-paying process.

How to pre-schedule a payment

You can either add a bill and directly continue to schedule a payment for it, or select a bill you've already added from your dashboard.

  1. Add a bill or select an unpaid one from your pay dashboard.

  2. Choose to schedule your bill.

  3. Choose how to pay by connecting your bank account or credit card (if you're already connected, just select either bank transfer or credit card)

  4. Select when you'd like the payment to go out, noting the arrival date below (as seen in screenshot below)

5. Leave a note for your vendor if you'd like
6. Review the payment details

Please note: for your first payment, you're required to add your business's legal information for internal verification purposes

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