Melio enables small businesses to pay bills with a credit card (for a low 2.9% fee) and still deliver the payment as a bank transfer or even a paper check. This way, you can defer repayment for your bill payments while still having your bills paid on time. While this may not make sense for some businesses, it's a real game changer for many.

The benefits of paying business bills with a credit card

  • Defer repayment for bills until the following month with no interest or repay the balance more gradually over time (with interest)
  • Take advantage of your card's rewards like cash-back, miles, and points (which offset the 2.9% fee)
  • Benefit from early-pay discounts from your vendors, suppliers and distributors
  • Increase your cash-flow to safely manage unexpected expenses

By paying with a credit card and delaying when those funds leave your account, you're essentially extending your float in a way that's similar to a small business loan, just without all the paper-work or approval process.

How to pay bills with a credit card

Paying with a credit card with Melio is simple. 

  1. Log in to your Melio account
  2. Add a bill
  3. Select credit card as a payment method
  4. Link your card by entering its details
  5. Schedule when payment will be deducted from you and delivered to your vendor
  6. Choose whether your vendor receives a bank transfer or a paper check

Note: the 2.9% fee is billed separately.

A payment summary for the transaction and for the 2.9% fee both arrive to your email inbox shortly after completing the payment.

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