With Melio you can pay most of your business bills including rent, utilities, advertising, insurance and payments to other businesses, suppliers and vendors. 

Adding a bill:

  1. In your account:

  • Click on the “+” sign at the top left and then “select bill payment”,

  • Click on the “ADD YOUR FIRST BILL PAYMENT” button -

2. There 3 options to add bill details:

  • Enter bill details manually

  • Upload a file

  • Connect your Quickbooks online account:

Here we will show you how to add a bill manually.
3. After clicking “Add a bill manually” complete the bill details. Once a bill has been added, the steps 8 and onward are the same regardless of how a bill has been added.

4. If it's a recurring bill, choose a payment frequency (monthly or weekly), the number of payments and the day you'd like payments to go out. 

5. Click the CREATE A NEW BILL button

6. That's it, you've added a bill to your inbox. You can now view it in your dashboard.

You can now proceed to schedule your payment, postpone scheduling for another time (from the inbox in your dashboard), or add  another bill.

7. The bill now appears in the Inbox section of your Pay dashboard

8. To schedule a payment, click on the bill in your dashboard, and in the next screen click on SCHEDULE THIS BILL PAYMENT 

9. Select and link a payment method

  • Bank transfer (free - ACH transfer or link your debit card)

  • Credit card (2.9% fee) 

10. Select when you'd like to pay
*Notice at the bottom there is an indication of when your payment will arrive based on your chosen payment date

11. Leave a note
You can leave a note for your vendor, eg. include a reference to the invoice number, account number or other details. 

12. Review all the payment's details

13. As a final step, enter your legal business info.
This is only required for your first payment, to ensure compliance and security. We will not be able to process your payment without it.

14. Payment scheduled!
You can click on “NOTIFY MY VENDOR” so your vendor  will receive an email once the payment is processed containing details on how and when the payment will arrive. You can view the payment details on your dashboard.

15. Review payment from the dashboard
Your bill now appears under the “Scheduled” column of the Pay section., You can view and edit the payment's details from here.

That’s it. We hope this has been helpful. 😄
If you have any questions, we're always here to  at support@meliopayments.com

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