Once you've set up your Melio account and chosen your Melio.me link, you can create and send your customers requests for specific payments.  If you still need to choose a Melio.me URL, start with the guide 'choosing your Melio.me URL'.

Besides enabling your customers to pay you quickly and easily with cards or bank transfers, payment requests also provide a way for both sides to track the payment.

Creating a trackable payment request URL

  1. Go to your account's dashboard

  2. Click on the purple + button at the top of the side-bar

  3. Click on request

  4. Create a payment request either by entering details manually or uploading an invoice

  5. Confirm the payment request's details 

  6. Share the payment request's URL with your customer or enter their email to send them a payment request by email from Melio. Here's an example of a payment request:

7. Go to your Melio dashboard and under the Request section you can track the payment request: when it was opened, seen, scheduled and paid

If you have any questions, let us know at support@meliopayments.com

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