When you link your Melio and Quickbooks accounts, payments automatically sync between the two platforms. However, some payments found in your QuickBooks account may not show up in your Melio account. 

One possible reason: the bills are outdated. 

Melio only syncs payments edited or created in the last 60 days. To sync older payments, you can edit them in your QuickBooks. It can be something minor, such as adding and deleting an extra letter in a vendor’s name.  Afterwards, the edited payments should appear in your Melio account. 

If newer payments aren’t appearing either, try manually syncing your QuickBooks account. 

In your Melio account go to settings and click Accounting software.

Press Sync Now to manually sync your Melio and QuickBooks accounts. This may take up to 5 minutes to complete the manual sync.

If you still aren’t seeing payments, please unlink and relink your QuickBooks account.

In your Melio account, go to settings and click Accounting software.

Select Unlink QuickBooks to unlink your Melio and QuickBooks accounts.

Then return to the settings in your Melio account and click Accounting software.

Select Connect to QuickBooks.

Enter your QuickBooks login credentials and sign in.

Once relinked, payments should sync between your QuickBooks and Melio accounts. 

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact Melio’s customer support team via chat,  email at support@meliopayments.com, or by phone (646) 665-4684

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