If you use online banking, the fastest and easiest way to connect your bank account is with your bank's login credentials. You also have the option of connecting your bank account manually, but it'll delay the process (and your ability to schedule payments) by approximately 2 business days. 

How to add and connect your bank account automatically:

  1. In your Melio account, go to Settings and select Payment Methods.

  2. In the Bank account section click Add this method.

3. Click continue and select your banking provider (to demonstrate, we’ll use TD Bank).
4. Enter and submit your login credentials.

5. Your bank account is now connected and can be used in future payments through Melio! 

Note: If you were unable to successfully link your bank account automatically, please see our guide 'how to manually add a bank account'.

That's it! And as always, if you have any questions, we're available on our chat, email at support@meliopayments.com, or by phone at (646) 665-4684.

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