When selecting how a bill payment will be received by the payee (what we call the delivery method), many Melio users choose to ask vendor for payment details.

Once you enter and submit your vendor’s email address, they’ll receive an email with a summary of the payment with a message instructing them on how to securely receive the payment. 

If your company was John's Cookies the email they’d receive would look like this: 

Asking your vendor for details

Once they click on the email, they’ll be asked to quickly enter the details of the bank account where they’d like to receive your payment or their address for sending a check.

Once entered and submitted, the payment will be scheduled (and the payment's estimated delivery date in your dashboard will be updated too). Their payment delivery details will also be available for your future payments just by selecting this vendor when you schedule the next payment.

That’s it! As always, if you have any questions, reach out to our support team at support@meliopayments.com.

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