When you use Melio Pay to pay vendors, and you receive a payment request, you’ll see it right at the top of your dashboard:

You’ll then be able to either:

  • Add it to your inbox to schedule payment - click the “add to inbox” button to add this invoice as a bill to the Inbox section of your dashboard, to be scheduled and paid along with the other bills in the inbox (yes - the ones you uploaded, imported from Quickbooks or added the info manually)

  • Remove it - Click remove to remove this request from your bill payment dashboard.

To make sure future payments from this vendor / supplier appear automatically as bills in your inbox, check the “Add future payment requests too”:

Once added, the bill will appear along with the rest of the bills in your inbox:

Can I stop the invoices from being added to my inbox?

You can always stop them from being automatically added:

  1. Go to the “contact” tab in the left side menu

  2. Click the vendor name

  3. Removing the check-mark from the “Add this vendor’s payment requests to my inbox”, in the contact details card on the right:

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