Updating Your Customer’s Contact Information

Please update ALL customer contact information including the A/R company name, contact name, email, and phone number in Vinosmith to ensure successful and accurate delivery of your open invoices. Any open invoices that do not have ALL of the information above, the invoice will not be delivered.

A/R Status Guide

The A/R status of the order will update to one of the following in your Vinosmith account:


Invoice has not been confirmed, sent to the customer, or sent to Melio


Order is confirmed and the invoice has been emailed to the customer (Pending will appear regardless if you’ve included an email address).


The customer has scheduled their payment on Melio.


Funds are on the way!


Funds are delivered into your bank account.

Don’t see your A/R Status? Click here to contact the Melio & Vinosmith team at partnerships@meliopayments.com

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