Fast checks are sent in 3 days via FedEx, instead of 5 - 7, which is the regular delivery time by USPS.

Who’s eligible?

Any business making a payment from their bank account (ACH), credit card (at a 2.9% tax-deductible fee) or their debit card, whose vendor receives a paper check.

Where can I select it?

You’ll have the option to make a fast check delivery when scheduling your payment deduction date:

  1. In your Pay-inbox, select the bill you’d like to pay, and click the “SCHEDULE PAYMENT”

  2. Select the bank account from which you’d like to make the ACH payment.

  3. Select the ‘Paper check’ option when asked how your vendor would like to receive the payment.

  4. When selecting a date for your payment to be deducted, you’ll have the option to schedule a fast check delivery (at a $20 tax deductible fee):

Note that if your bank account is not yet verified (via micro-deposits) 2 days are added to your delivery time, as a buffer to allow for account verification before we can deduct the funds. You can always connect your online bank via Plaid for instant verification and 3 day delivery time.

Can I track the status of my check payment?

If your check is eligible for tracking, once the check is sent - you’ll be able to see the status when reviewing the payment in your pay-inbox:

If you don’t see a button and want to know the status of your payment - contact

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