With Melio, you can choose who pays the credit card fee (2.9%, tax-deductible).

By default, the fee is charged to your customer and is added directly to the payment they send you.

Once you’ve verified your bank account, you'll be able to allow your customers to pay you via credit card for free, while your business covers the 2.9% tax-deductible fee (learn more about verifying your bank account with micro-deposits).

You can do this by going to Settings -> Receiving methods, and choosing My business pays the fee under Credit card fee payment.

With this enabled, you will cover credit card fees for all incoming payments, whether you sent a request for a specific invoice, or shared your public payment link.

If your customer has a Melio account, they’ll be notified their credit card payment fee is waved:

If not, they’ll be able to see all payment options, and be notified they’re all fee-free!

When your customer schedules the payment, they’ll see the fee is 0 in the payment review section.

When viewing the payment details in your Melio inbox, you’ll see a note stating you’ll be covering the fee on behalf of your customer:

This feature is available in both the basic and advanced modes of Get Paid.

Once the payment is collected from your customer, the bank account you connected as a receiving method will be charged and you will receive a receipt via email. A link to the receipt will also be available within the payment details once the payment is complete.

You can review all your fee payments in the Settings, under Billing.

If you have any questions or need help, contact us at support@melio.com.

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