If you have multiple bills waiting in your inbox to be paid, you can schedule payment for all unpaid bills in one go.

In your Melio inbox, simply hover over one of the bills you’d like to pay:

You can now select multiple bills:

Once selected, you’ll be able to schedule payment for all bills together, as you can see in the summary in the panel on the right:

After selecting all the bills you’d like to schedule for payment - select a payment method from the dropdown, and choose a payment date.

You can pay all your bills at once on a specific date, or pay each bill on its due date.

After selecting a payment option, you’ll be able to review and edit any details in the review screen. Note that you won’t be able to schedule payment until all data is completed for all vendors. If data is missing, you have the option to ask a vendor to fill out their payment details directly from the review screen. A dot on the left side of the table indicates which payment is ready. Green dot shows a payment is ready to be scheduled, while a grey dot means that some details are missing.

Note that you won’t be able to schedule batch payments until you fill in missing details, or delete the row of the payment that is not ready by hovering over it and clicking “Remove from list”:

You can also add a memo to the vendor or view the details of each individual payment.

Also, from this preview screen, you can edit the payment method, deduction date, or delivery method for individual payment. Note that the delivery date is determined by the deduction date and delivery method. The delivery speed will impact the estimated arrival time of your payment.

Once all your payments are ready to go, you’ll be able to see the total amount to be paid and a summary of all the fees on the top right of your screen:

You will also receive an email listing all the scheduled payments, with pertinent details.

If you have any payments that require approval, the Admin will receive two emails: one listing all scheduled payments, and another asking them to approve the relevant payments.

If you’d like to activate this feature, contact our support team.

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