If you send out more than 50 payment requests a month through Melio, you can use the advanced mode in Get Paid to conveniently monitor all of the information on your incoming payments, invoices, and payment requests.

Once enabled, you can view the advanced mode by going to the Get Paid section in your Melio account.

You can switch between three sections: Invoices, Requests, and Payments.

In each section, you will be able to use the predefined views at the top of the screen or select from the view dropdown menu on the right side of your screen.


In the Invoices section, select a view by clicking any of the summary boxes: All invoices, Due next 7 days, or Past due.

You can apply additional views based on the invoices’ due dates in the dropdown menu.

Tick the boxes to the left of multiple invoices to perform bulk actions: send requests, mark as paid, or remove.

To edit an individual invoice, you can use the quick-edit options on the right: click on the paper plane icon to send a payment request or the three dots icon to see additional options.

You can also click any row to open the full details of the invoice. From there, you’ll be able to mark it as paid, edit it, remove it, or send a payment request.


In the Requests section, you will also see the view options at the top of the screen.

You can also apply additional views based on the requests’ due date.

Tick the boxes to the left of multiple requests to perform bulk Actions: mark as paid or cancel.

Click any row to edit the details of the request. You can also use the paper-plane icon to quickly resend a request or the three dots icon for quick edit options.


In the Payments section, you can view your items according to when they were paid or are scheduled to be paid. You can also see canceled or failed payments by switching to the Alerts tab.

You can also download your payment history from the payments view, by clicking the “Export” button and selecting the desired date range.

You will then receive a CSV file, which includes the date of payment, invoice number, amount, the name of the customer who paid, and who initiated the payment, you (by sending a payment request) or your customer (by paying you without receiving a Melio payment request).

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@melio.com

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