Melio’s network directory contains a large list of national vendors, including telecommunication companies, financial institutions, and utility services.

Schedule payments to any vendor in this list by using your bank or card* without having to find or gather vendor details.

How it works?

When adding a bill, after you’ve typed in your vendor’s company name, we’ll show you potential matches from our network.

Choose the correct match (name and address) from the list to automatically import payment details.

A few notes before we get started:

  • After selecting a vendor from the list, we’ll ask you to enter your unique account number, which can be found in the “pay to” details on your bill. It will help the biller identify you.

  • If you have multiple accounts for the same vendor, you may want to set up a unique instance of this vendor for each account number, so that every payment will be applied to the respective account number.

  • If you select a listed vendor whose name already exists in your account, you’ll be asked to rename it, to ensure all vendor names are unique. You can use any name that will help you easily identify this vendor.

  • Making direct payments to vendors from Melio’s network is completely free.

  • Vendors from Melio’s network will appear with this badge alongside their name throughout the dashboard, so you can easily identify them:

    Follow the instructions below to schedule a direct payment:

  1. In your Melio account click on the “+” sign at the top left and then select “payment.” Alternatively, you can click on the “Add your first bill payment” button at the bottom.

  2. Select the option “Add a bill manually”.

  3. Type in your vendor’s company name and choose the correct match from the populated list, based on the name and address information.

  4. Enter your unique account number for this biller, so your vendor will know who is paying them. You can find your account number in the “pay to” details on your bill.

  5. Fill in the remaining bill details including the bill amount, number, due date, and the payment frequency. Once done, click the “Save and schedule payment” button.

  6. Schedule your payment. Find step by step instructions here.
    * Scheduling direct payments is even faster since you won’t be asked to fill in the payment delivery details for the vendor, so you can save time and skip this step.

That’s it! Once scheduled, we'll send you a notification email with all the details. You can see the details on your dashboard as well.

The vendor will be added to your Melio account and going forward you’ll be able to add bills and schedule additional payments in just a few clicks.

And as always, if you have any questions, please contact us at

*Subject to card network limitations

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