In addition to the Pay dashboard for paying bills, Melio offers a Get Paid dashboard to help users receive payments. From here, you can also ask a vendor to pay you back when you’ve overpaid.

How to ask your vendor to pay you back

There are two options to ask your vendor to pay back extra money:

We recommend you send a payment request, which has the following benefits:

  • Contains the correct details of a specific payment which the vendor can’t change.

  • Trackable so you know when the request was opened/seen by the vendor, if payment was scheduled, etc. See the timeline feature to learn more.

  • You’ll know exactly which requests were sent and can manage the collection process more efficiently.

Sending a payment request

Payment requests are created from an invoice. Therefore, to ask your vendor to pay you back, you’ll need to create a manual invoice and enter the payment details with the amount you want.

Learn how to make a payment request with this guide.

Sending a payment link

Create a customized Melio payment link and send it to your vendor in any way you choose (email, WhatsApp, etc.).

The link will also be available for you to use any time, with anyone. It’s connected to your Melio account.

Learn how to create your business’s customized payment link by following this guide.

Any questions? You can reach us at support@meliopayments.com

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