Since a single-use card is generated for a one-time payment of a specific amount, for security reasons, it’s subject to two limitations:

  1. 30-day expiry
    The card expires 30 days from the issue date, and can’t be processed after the expiration date.
    Your vendor will get an email reminding them to process the card 14 days before it expires.
    As a payor, you’ll also be notified by email that the vendor has yet processed your payment 14 days before the card expires.

  2. Amount entered must be identical to the card amount
    The amount entered into the vendor's processing system has to be identical to the card amount. Otherwise, the card will be declined.

What happens if the vendor doesn't process the card within the 30-day time limit?

If the vendor hasn't processed the card within the time limit, the payment will fail.

Resending the payment

The payor will see warning notices in the payment details page.

The payor will then reschedule the payment. They can choose to resend the payment via single-use card or switch to an ACH. If the payor doesn't have the vendor’s bank account details, they can choose to ask the vendor how they’d like to receive the payment.

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