Melio users can now pay vendors in Canada, the UK and Europe for any business-related purpose.

What is an international payment?

An international payment is when you send money to vendors located outside of the US. With Melio, you can now pay global vendors directly from your dashboard, using ACH or bank transfer as the payment method and deliver the payment in the form of a wire transfer.

NOTE: Want to make an international payment to a vendor who has accounts both domestically and internationally? Follow this guide.

How to make an international payment:

1. Start by making a payment like you always do. Need a reminder? Follow this guide.

2. Fill in the bill details.

3. Choose your payment method.

NOTE: You can make an international payment only when paying with your bank account. When you choose a credit card or debit card as a payment method, the option of international payment will be disabled.

4. Select International payment as your delivery method.

NOTE: Make sure you have all of the international vendors’ details when making a payment. You won’t be able to request their details via Melio, as you’d do with domestic vendors.

5. Add the vendor’s bank location.

6. Add the international payment details. You require your vendor’s SWIFT or IBAN number, bank name and account number.

NOTE: The payment amount is derived from the bill. To change it, go back to the bill and edit the amount there.

7. Add your vendor’s business details.

8. For your first international payment, if your tax ID is a SSN (Social Security number), you’ll need to add your date of birth.

9. Select the purpose of payment. You can add a description to be more specific.

10. Schedule the payment.

11. You can leave your vendor a memo. It’s a good idea to enter the invoice number here, to make it easier for your vendor to register the payment.

12. Review and confirm that your details are correct.

Note: You won’t be able to change the payment amount at this stage. To change it, go back and edit the bill.

Congratulations, your international payment is on its way.

That’s it! You can start paying your vendors abroad.

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